Traffic Ivy Review – The End of Struggles to Get High Quality Traffic?

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Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan

This Traffic Ivy review is for those who are struggling to get consistent high quality traffic to their website. This is a new SaaS based platform that connects top social media marketers and influencers with each other. The goal is to create more leads, sales, and profits for all parties involved as well as generating real traffic.

It is a new platform that allows you to tap into the power of high-quality traffic from other marketers and business owners. It lets your inner entrepreneurial spirit take over as it transforms you into a driver for others' success, alongside them in turn helping promote yours.

What is Traffic Ivy is All About?

Traffic Ivy has been designed and built to keeping all these real problems that marketers face every day trying to generate traffic. Traffic doesn't necessarily need to be generated by driving more visitors, but rather through the conversion process itself.

For instance, if a marketer is looking for people who make over $100k per year and are located in New York City (NYC), they would enter "income $100K NYC" into their address bar or search engine of choice like Google.

Traffic Ivy was developed with this mindset - providing marketers with solutions tailored specifically towards generating high-quality real trackable traffic without compromising on conversions while also making it easier than ever before!

You'll never have to worry about traffic again; Traffic Ivy will be your personal marketing assistant. The platform is equipped with algorithms that filter out "low-quality" visitors, so you only work on the most targeted and high-value prospects in order for them to convert better!

Why You Need Traffic Ivy?

Dealing with traffic is a major issue for most businesses, and it's not easy to generate the amount of quality because there are many places where your business might be getting fake or low-quality visitors. Traffic Ivy can help you increase traffic by 10X in just one month!

Your website could be getting flooded by more traffic than ever before without realizing it because of "fake" visits generated through bots or other methods outside of what is human-controlled.

This type of behavior will cause search engines like Google to see this surge in false activity negatively impacting their rankings severely. You may also find yourself blacklisted completely after something starts looking sketchy

The quality of traffic that Traffic Ivy campaign generates is unmatched. You’ll get a constant stream of new visitors that will flow through your website, and if you want to track the effectiveness they can provide it for you!

What Traffic Ivy Can Do for You?

If you are struggling to find the perfect way for your ads and campaigns to go live, then its Easy Ads Wizard is here with its amazing features! You will have a multitude of options available when creating or publishing your ad.

From social media formats like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; all the way down to advanced targeting on Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Marketing (US), there's no limit as far as what can be done in order to make sure that people get into contact with it at lightning speed.

Articles from its growing network of niche targeted blogs are available for your viewing pleasure. Some examples include articles about gardening, food recipes and DIY crafts.

You can read them on the company's own blog or find it hosted across hundreds of other sites such as WordPress, Facebook and Twitter with likes, shares/retweets to help get the word out!

The perfect social media account is hard to create, but luckily Traffic Ivy has the solution for you. They ensure that all of your posts are seen by thousands of people and will help increase traffic on any website or blog

Traffic Ivy Overview

Traffic Ivy is created with a system that guarantees high-quality real traffic. Get real shares: publish your campaigns on its network of WordPress blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts for instant traffic.

Whether it's Facebook or Twitter or any other website on which this content is shared - once visitors are clicking through and viewing what they're reading then traffic Ivy will be able to monitor how popular these posts really are by tracking them while simultaneously rating those sites for quality control purposes so only the best ones remain active in the system as well.

Track & rate your share-traffic: As shares happen across various networks like social media (Facebook/Twitter), YouTube video embeds etc., users will have direct access links of their post available at all times.

Traffic Ivy Key Features

  • Newbie Friendly. Traffic ivy is a new platform for creating traffic campaigns in just minutes. The process of building a campaign is easy and user-friendly, allowing you to choose the content that will be most effective on your specific niche audience. It also offers friendly training materials with tips from top members who have been successful using its service!
  • 100% Real Targeted Traffic. Start marketing your business with targeted traffic. You'll get 100% real shares that produce actual and targeted visitors to promote, but this is just the beginning! You are welcome into the network of like-minded online entrepreneurs too.
  • If you have any social media accounts, now is the time to start. With a few simple clicks of your mouse or taps on your touchscreen device, you will be able to see an increase in traffic and points for only using what’s already there--social media!
  • Organic/Search Engine Traffic Advantage. The search engine algorithms can change at any time, but one thing that will always stay the same is your popularity for a certain keyword. The more high-quality and relevant backlinks you have online, the better chance of ranking highly in Google's index when people are searching for it - completely free!
  • Trackable Traffic. Traffic Ivy lets you get as much traffic to your site or blog post that you want, and all the shares will be trackable which means no more spam advertising. You can view where every share has been posted.
  • Blogging Advantages. Bloggers can make their blogs more viral by using the Traffic Ivy WordPress plugin to automate content and publish themselves so they don't have to do it.
  • WordPress Plugin. Wondering what to write? You're in luck! With Traffic Ivy you'll be able to upload your blog and automatically have fresh content from the marketplace on it. Bloggers can make their blogs more viral by using the WordPress plugin to automate content and publish themselves so they don't have to do it manually.
  • One Click Integrations is the new way to get more traffic without a hassle. It's as easy as 1,2,3! If you've got the vision, it'll make it happen. That's the motto and that goes for anything from new integrations to improving any feature on this platform or in one of your projects too!

Traffic Ivy Review - The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The Traffic Ivy software lets you upload videos and content on unlimited active and real accounts of various social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. It cleverly utilizes your free time by allowing you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously with a sleek interface that requires no technical skills whatsoever.
  • With innovative and creative content that is easy to share, you will never have a dry spell on your social media pages.
  • Get paid for promoting your favorite products. Many websites are looking to get new visitors on their site and promote an online store with commission incentives. You can now earn money by sharing things you like from other sites, making it easy to turn a profit in these challenging times!
  • Traffic Ivy’s three tiers of membership offer you the freedom to do more. For example, if a user has reached Gold status they can create sub-user accounts and distribute their traffic points among them as well as earn higher commission rates than other users.

The Cons

Traffic Ivy is a digital marketing company that offers software to help with the promotion of your website. It provides clean and quality traffic for websites, which can increase profit from advertisers who advertise on these sites.

Many sources review it as one of the best options online because it takes care not only in providing you site visitors but also making sure they are qualified individuals interested in what you have to offer them through their experience.

How Traffic Ivy Works

You can choose from a variety packages using their point system so it's as affordable as possible with no limit in how many points they offer! The best part about this service? There's nothing shady going on--all followers are real humans who visit your site without being told where to go.

See the Demo below How Traffic Ivy Works

Who is this Traffic Ivy Suitable for?

traffic ivy soft-launch offer

Traffic Ivy is the first and only viral traffic platform that works for everyone. It's a one stop shop, where you can show your ads in front of millions of people who are looking to buy products just like yours. It helps brands grow their business faster than ever before with minimal time or effort needed from the account holder.

It's really suitable for anyone of online marketers, video marketers, internet marketers, bloggers, product creators, local business owners, affiliate marketers or even all entrepreneurs...

  • Social Media Marketers. Want to make your content go viral? Look no further. With Traffic Ivy, you'll get hundreds of shares on any post making it easier for people to find the article or tweet link that's meaningful and shareable! You no longer need to worry about the hassle of having a million different accounts on diverse platforms.
  • Affiliate Marketers. With this single tool, it’s now easier than ever before for you to garner even more traffic and make some additional money in your spare time too!
  • Ecommerce Marketers. If you have an E-Commerce store and want to get the word out about your product or service, Traffic Ivy members will spread that message around for a fee. The best part: they'll even help promote it on their blogs or social media feeds!
  • Local Marketers. For years, local advertisers have had to suffer the embarrassment of handing out pamphlets that no one wants. Now they can advertise their business with Traffic Ivy and get better results than ever before!
  • Website Owners. The world wide web is a lonely place without visitors. It's like driving your car to work and then locking it up in the parking lot all day long. You can put banners on your website for more traffic, or trade points for visits from people around the globe who are looking to spend their time elsewhere by visiting sites that you own!
  • Bloggers. Automating your blog's content can save time and increase traffic. You no longer need to spend hours manually writing a new post, but instead you just have to set up Traffic Ivy WordPress plugin by entering in some basic information about what type of posts it will create for you automatically!
  • Newbie Marketers. It’s easy to make money online as a beginner. All you need is Twitter, Facebook and your bank account! Newbies don't even have to worry about website design or maintenance because Traffic Ivy take care of every little detail on this end for you. When you mention something you want help with, Traffic Ivy community jumps into action right away - making everyone feel supported by others who understand what they go through daily
  • Video Marketers. Traffic Ivy is a leading social media marketing company that specializes in content promotion. They have an extensive network of YouTube accounts, so you can upload your videos directly to them and post whatever you want on their description!
  • SEO Freelancers. Building backlinks is one of the most important aspects for search engine optimization. In order to rank higher on Google, it's essential that you have quality links from other sites pointing towards your site. Why not get those high-quality links by targeting blogs with relevant content? With this new tool, you can find 100+ blogging websites and submit a link request! Once they've seen your post, if they like what they see then there’s a good chance that someone will publish an article linking directly back to yours!


Traffic Ivy by Cindy Donovan is a leading software, designed to bring more traffic and visitors to your website. It has been making waves in the internet marketing industry as a powerful tool for drawing traffic to websites. I've read reviews about Traffic Ivy, and they seem pretty positive, so I decided to give it a shot on my website!

This is the best-value software you’re going to find. It’s packed-full of great features. It’s basically a no-brainer! It’s not the prettiest girl at the party, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to getting the job done. Looks aren’t everything! This is my favorite software of my traffic-getting arsenals.

I’m yet to find anything that really compares, and the 30-day money-back guarantee means you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying it. It would be one of the safest investments you can make to improve your traffic. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes with this amazing offer!