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Commission Hero review that I write in this post is based on my experience as a real user. I’ve actually been a student of this Robby Blanchard’s course for more than a year now starting on March 17, 2020.

If you really want to know:

  • What Commission Hero is all about
  • If it’s legit or a scam
  • Common grievances about the course
  • Hidden costs you need to be aware of
  • If students are actually getting results

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this review I’m going to explain all of those things honestly as a real user or student and I will also try to answer all the crucial issues that commonly lead to a lot of spreading doubts that asking whether this course is legit or a scam. So keep on reading…
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What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online course by Robby Blanchard that teaches you how to generate income online through of affiliate marketing. This course will teach you all the required skills to help you successfully generate affiliate commissions (mainly from Top quality ClickBank products) leveraging Facebook Ads.

Using the skills taught in this course will give you huge chances of generating consistent daily profitable affiliate sales through your Facebook ads campaigns.

  • The program will show you exactly how to make $1000+ affiliate commissions online
  • You don’t need any experience to get started
  • You can “be on track for 6-Figures online” if you follow the guidance and put in the work

I remember the first time when I was searching for the best affiliate marketing course that will teach me how to generate income online through affiliate marketing by leveraging Facebook traffic I found lots of products and courses that shows up claiming to be the best in Facebook advertising method. One of them is Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard.

Of all the courses available online I finally decided to give the Commission Hero a shot after attempting some other products. I joined it on Feb 17, 2020 and I can honestly tell you from my experience of being one of so many students of Commission Hero for more than a year now that it works, really easy to follow and a great quality course that clearly took them a lot of time and investment to create and perfect. This is certainly a great course that is created by a truly experienced expert and a great team you need to get a real consistent results everyday.

If you are looking for a step-by-step course that teaches you how to generate income online through affiliate marketing the this course is the one you need. It will teach you all the required skills to help you successfully generate affiliate commissions (mainly from Top quality ClickBank products) leveraging Facebook Ads the right and long-term way.

What Exactly is Included in The Course?

Commission Hero mainly consists of text and video lessons, along with done-for-you templates and a very active private Facebook group that yo will get access once you’ve bought the program. The FB group is very active, with dozens of posts and testimonials each day and hundreds of new members joining each month.

Commission Hero Review – The Features Inside

Commission Hero is an online course by Robby Blanchard that teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Here are some features that you will get inside the Commission Hero membership:

Right after you purchase and join the Commission Hero, you’ll get access to the Commission Hero membership dashboard that consists of so many great training, tools, support and bonus packages. Some of them you’ll get are as follows:

Regular Membership Contents:

1. Getting Started. Consists of lots of training that will help you understanding the most essential things before you get started with running a successful and profitable campaign. Here are some of the content you’ll get in this training section:

  • Getting Started.
    • Welcome Video From Robby Blanchard
    • What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • Ad Accounts
    • Clickfunnels
    • Clickbank Setup
    • Max Web
    • Digistore24
  • Choosing The Right Offers
    • How to Find The Right Offers on ClickBank
    • Finding The right Offers on MaxWeb
    • The right Offers on A4D to Find
  • Setting Up A Landing Page
    • Registering For ClickFunnels
    • Affiliate Links Set Up
    • Your Domain Set Up
    • PHP Landing Page Set Up

2. FB Set Up. Consists of lots of training related to setting up your FB set up that you’ll need to run the program. Here are some of the content you’ll get in this training section:

  • Setting Up Facebook.
    • Setting Up Business Manager
    • Launching Your First Campaign
    • How to Set Up Your Fan Page
    • Setting Up Facebook Campaigns and Ad Set
    • Setting Up Your Ads
    • Creating A Custom Audience
    • BONUS – Inside Look At A Successful Campaign
  • Setting Up Facebook Pixel.
    • Installing Pixel
    • Placing Your FB Pixel In Your ClickBank Account
    • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

3. Tracking & Scaling. Consists of lots of training related to tracking and scaling that you’ll need so you have a clear mindset to run the program that is based on exact data that’s gathered from your running campaigns. Here are some of the content you’ll get in this training section:

  • Tracking Your campaign
    • Tracking Spreadsheet
    • Installing Tracking Links
    • Using Tracking IDs
  • Scaling
    • How to Scale Your Campaigns

4. Resources & Tools. Consists of lots of resources and tools that you’ll need to run the program including your bonus packages. Here are some of the content you’ll get in this training section:

  • Bonuses
    • ClickFunnels Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes
    • PHP Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes
    • Million Dollar Ad Copy & Ad Images
    • Mindset
    • Images
    • CPA
    • Contacts
  • Setting Up Your Business Entity
    • How to Structure Your Business
  • Featured Offers. Consists of featured offer spotlights to help you decide which offer to get started.

5. Additional Training. Consists of lots of training that you’ll need to run the program confidently. Here are some of the content you’ll get in this training section:

  • Ninja Tactics
    • Reaching Out To Affiliates
    • AMEX Card
    • Revolut Cards
    • Spying on Facebook Ads
    • Dealing With Account Shut Downs
    • How to Appeal An Account Shut Down
  • SnapChat Training (Video Training)
  • Email Marketing Training
    • Setting Up AWeber
    • Integrating AWeber and Click Funnels
    • Setting Up Your First Campaign
    • Expert Interview With Luke DiMarco

6. Week To Success. Consists of six video series of online exclusive training with an experienced coach that will show you step-by-step how to run a solid and successful campaign within 6 weeks.

7. Private Facebook Group. A very active Facebook Group where you can get lots of helpful advices and support from the coaches and successful experienced members. You can ask and get the answer for almost any problems or issues regarding your Facebook campaigns. It’s a group of like-minded people you can rely on. Great posts, updated testimonials and results to motivate and stay on track!

8. Commission Hero Event Recording. Consists of all recorded events that will help you updated with the new trends regarding this great program to keep you always alert.

Upgrade Membership Offers:

  • Inner Circle Coaching. An upgrade offer for those who wants to get faster results and success where you’ll get a private one-on-one coaching from various experienced coaches who are proven to be successful running the program.
  • Image Pack. Special DFY offer for those who don’t have time to do the research and ads image design to use in particular campaigns instead of contacting and dealing with some Gigs on Fiver
  • White Glove Service Upgrade. For those who wants help for setting up custom domain, ClickFunnels, affiliate link, landing page and quality check to measure everything’s right! Your funnel will be built by the same team that Robby use to make him (and lots of Commission Hero students) a ton of money.
  • 100K DFY Campaigns Offer. For those who wants to get 8 Done For You campaigns that Robby has personally used that made him over $100k in profit each.

Commission Hero Review – The Author

The author of Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard. He is the man behind this excellent course. A former personal fitness instructor and gym owner from the USA who in 2015 started offering his own digital products and then moved into affiliate marketing.

In 2019, he was named the top affiliate for ClickBank, one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world.

Robby tells his own story in this video…

Robby obviously grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and went to Fitchburg State University. Here’s his bio from his old CrossFit gym site:

Robby points out in the above video that he began with online business by running Facebook ads to promote his own gym.

Here’s his old YouTube channel with numerous videos associated with his fitness business, most notably this fresh-faced effort from 2009:

Fast-forward to 2019, and Robby was named the #1 affiliate by ClickBank after a month-long contest to see who could generate the most commissions…

At the 2:45 mark of this April 2019 video, Robby reveals that he’d currently made nearly $1.8 million in ClickBank affiliate commissions in less than 4 months…

According to his LinkedIn profile, Robby likewise began a digital advertising agency in 2017…

Robby likewise runs media company that has dealt with various clients such as Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret and Jason Capital International.

Commission Hero Review – How Does It Work?

You won’t generate income straight from Commission Hero. Instead, the program sets out a system you can use to generate income online. Particularly, it teaches you how to:

  • Find top quality HOT products that you can promote
  • Run ads campaign to promote those products on Facebook
  • Convert those FB ads audiences into profitable sales
  • Collect a commission for each sale

Selling other people’s products and getting a commission is called affiliate marketing. It can be done with organic (free) or paid traffic. Commission Hero teaches you how to do it with paid traffic through Facebook ads. This leads to faster results is also more expensive due to the advertising cost.
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Commission Hero course shows you the “3-Step System”…

At a high level, the 3-step system appears like this:

  • Choose an offer to promote (mainly through ClickBank).
  • Build a landing page (typically through ClickFunnels).
  • Create and run your Facebook ads.

If you follow the training from choosing the right offers, creating a compelling landing pages to running your Facebook ads, you should be able to generate huge profits. Robby Blanchard gives you a quick review of how the Commission Hero system works in this video…

Commission Hero – Legit or a scam?

As a real user for more than a year now I can assure you that Commission Hero is a very legit course that I myself and lots of other students having success with it. However, there are some doubtful aspects to the training and I’m going to explain them to help remove the doubts.

Commission Hero is not a scam because you’ll get access to the training when you register, and we the students here are having success with the program. However, there are a couple of notable concerns with the training that I’ll explain in order to make it clear, such as:

  • Hidden costs
  • Almost exclusively focused on ClickBank
  • Unpopular refund policy

I’ll cover these issues in order to make it clear for you below:

1. The Hidden Cost

Yes there are some hidden costs that are actually optional for all students such as…

  • ClickFunnels that you’ll need to create all the landing pages to promote the product offer. Actually you don’t have to use ClickFunnels if you want to. However most of the DFY Campaigns bonus that you’ll get in your Commission Hero membership package are built with ClickFunnels so it will be much easier and less complicated if you use it instead of other types of page builders.
  • 100K DFY Campaigns offer that is optional too. These DFY campaigns will be your shortcut to build and run a particular product you want to promote that is proven effective and successful to help you get profitable campaign. Or you can do the product research, page building and lots of required elements of successful campaign by yourself from the scratch.
  • Inner Circle and Private Coaching offer for those who want to get faster results privately guided by experienced coaches that will guide you running the most effective and profitable campaigns. This is optional too. You don’t have to take this offer. Just use the regular training to run a profitable and successful campaign by following the training and putting in the work.
  • Facebook ads funds that you’ll need to run the process. From running the Fan Page warming up such as Likes campaign and post boost campaign to finally running the main conversion campaigns. It’ll be around $5 – $175 a day depends on your budget.

2. ClickBank Focus

There are actually lots of other marketplace platforms you can use to run the campaigns. However, ClicKbank is the most effective and profitable one to start.

3. Unpopular Refund Policy

Yes, the refund policy is unpopular. You’ll have a 365-day chance of trying to run the method and strategies taught in this course. This is not a quick-rich scheme method! You’ll need a commitment and dedication to learn the training, follow the guide and put in the work.

If you are the one who wants to make huge money online and get rich overnight then this legitimate course is absolutely not for you and I won’t recommend you invest your hard-earned money here. In spite of these concerns, Commission Hero is still the best affiliate marketing course I’ve discovered that focuses on paid traffic.

Commission Hero Review – The Price

How much money you need to purchase and join the Commission Hero course? You can get full access to Commission Hero for one payment of $997 or two payments of $597 (billed 30 days apart). Keep in mind that with the 2-payment option you’ll end up spending $197 more for the same thing. So if you do want to sign up, the one-time payment is the better way to go.

Commission Hero – The Pros And The Cons

I’ve bought many online courses over the years, ranging in price from free to $1500. Some of those courses were awful and earned me no money. Some were excellent and gave me a great return on investment. Commission Hero is the best investment I’ve ever made in a training program although it’s not without issues. Below are the pros and the cons that I know based on my experience as a real user.

The Pros

  • The first and the most valuable things that you will get is a lifelong access to live training support and a very active Facebook group for additional help.
  • This course will teach and show you how to create a compelling landing page for your ads campaign
  • This program will potentially help you reach a six-figure goal in a short time (at least within 12 month).
  • No technical experience needed to succeed
  • This program will help you mastering the Facebook Ads that you can use to build your own business or offer the skills as digital marketing service for other people or company.

The Cons

  • The price is relatively rather high or expensive compare to other similar programs available online.
  • You may need additional required funds to run the method taught in this program such as expenses for running the ads, ads materials like ads image or video design, landing page builder and domain names for you landing page.
  • The Unusual 12 month refund policy. You have to wait 12 months before requesting a refund. You must then make your refund request within 7 days. Before getting your money back, you may be asked to show proof that you gave the program your best shot.

Who is This Commission Hero Course Suitable For?

Commission Hero is the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found that focuses on PAID traffic. I’d recommend taking the course if you want to go the paid traffic route. This great course is properly for those who…

  • are willing and able to invest another $1000 or more after buying the course
  • can devote at least 10 hours per week to building your business
  • are happy to spend your time building and optimizing sales funnels
  • don’t expect to become rich from this thing overnight

If that sounds like you…
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The course explains in details every step of the process that you can just follow the videos. This is something that is hard to find in other affiliate marketing courses and that’s actually what makes Commission Hero stand out from other similar courses.

Are students of Commission Hero actually getting results?

If you follow all the training and methods taught in this course then you’ll surely see the results within 3 – 6 months. Judging by the screenshots Robby Blanchard shares from students in his landing page, here is my result screenshot and a significant number of students that have been getting solid results with the training…

Students Results



I bought the initial Commission Hero on February 17, 2020 when it was $997 and currently the Pro version is available too. The course has actually enabled me to master Facebook ads and confidently running any kinds of campaign on Facebook and get greater results and more profitable now.

Commission Hero is the best-value course you’re going to find. It’s packed-full of the guide you need to successfully run a Facebook campaign. It is very easy to follow because it has step-by-step videos and guides for each step of the process  and I can honestly say that if you commit to learn and put in the work you can also be successful running Facebook ads, generating steady income as affiliate marketer.

This is my favorite course on this topic. I’m yet to find anything that really compares and their “Iron Clad – 365 Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee” means you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying it at least give it a shot for a year.
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