How to Build Backlinks Effectively to Get Higher Rankings

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10 ways to get higher ranking in search engines

Backlinks are the glue that holds your website together. They’re also a crucial part of making sure you show up high in search engine results pages, because they act like little beacons for people to find and visit your site.

If someone is going around linking their friends on Facebook or Twitter to awesome articles about how much more productive we can become by sleeping only six hours per night instead of eight – those links accumulate into an ever-growing number which ultimately speaks louder than any other marketing message that person could create!

How Backlinks Help Your Site Rank Better

Your online business can be given the leg up it needs to thrive with a higher backlink score. Backlinks from webpages that are related or relevant will help your website rank better in search engines and you’ll get exposed like never before!

How does one go about controlling their backlinks and ensuring they are picked up by search engines? The answer to this question is not an easy task. One thing you can do though, is optimizing your website content so that it attracts more links from other sites in the first place.

Why You Need to Build Backlinks to Your Site

The aim of trying to build backlinks is to rank better in the search engine results pages and drive more organic traffic. By building solid links, you can boost your ranking position on Google’s SERPs for keywords that are relevant to your business.

10 Proven & Effective Backlinking Strategies

Here are some effective ways to build quality backlinks to your sites that will help them get higher ranking results on almost any search engines.

1. Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to generate traffic. If you have a good blog, people will not only tell others about your site, they’ll also visit regularly for fresh content. Backlinking from your blog back to the website can be a strong strategy too!

2. Social Networking

Social networking sites are a great way to make your site known, but it is important not to leave the work up to chance. By adding links from these websites and providing an engaging blurb about what you do in addition, visitors will be more likely come see for themselves.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to enhance your blog while establishing connections with other influential blogs. If you’re looking for backlinks, guest posting may be the best option out there – search Google and you’ll find many reputable sites that are accepting submissions from authors in any niche!

4. Forums Commenting

You can create a forum on pro/con arguments related to your niche, join other forums that are related with the same theme and discuss them there. You will see how people come back regularly to comment responses in their posts.

Include a link of your website at the bottom of each post you make as well so they know where it is from when clicking through links posted by others or find out more about what you do just like this one for instance: https://www.example-website-linkcom/?ref=user_name

You should also include questions within comments if possible because these tend to get answered quicker than texts without any context whatsoever which usually makes readers think twice before replying anything else!

5. Link Bait

Offer free eBook links, free themes or templates, and other items that will help your visitors. You should change the offerings regularly so you can offer new content to them at times when they are most likely checking out what’s new on your site. Make sure there is a link back to your website in all of these promotions as well for maximum visibility!

6. Video Sharing

Get customers engaged with your business by posting how-to videos to help them out. They’ll be able to watch these on YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms that you post it over at a link back for more information about the product or service they are inquiring about.

7. Articles Submitting

Article marketing has been proven to be an effective way of building backlinks. When using services such as EzineArticles, you can post relevant articles and link them back to your website for a better SEO ranking on Google!

8. Build an Online Community

Become an expert in the online community. Answer or comment on posts with a knowledgeable and authoritative voice that is easy to understand, even for beginners. When you do so, advertise your name and link it back to your website through comments at Yahoo! Answers as well as other sites like Quora when appropriate–and make sure not only are people reading what you have written but they also engage with them by clicking links from within their post content after commenting themselves.

9. Create Link Structure

By layering links with a wheel-like structure, you can harness the power of other popular sites to boost your site’s rank. Every link back to your website will lead visitors deeper into its content and increase their trust in it as they explore more pages on this reputable domain.

Create an interconnected web that begins by linking outwards from one particular page or blog post, then adding new layers around that central point until all points are connected together; these connections should be made through well established websites so each part is reliable and trustworthy enough for others who browse them later.

10. Get Relevant Backlinks

It is true that not all backlinks are created equal. Relevant, high-quality links from sites like Wikipedia or Yahoo can help improve your search engine ranking while spammy websites with irrelevant content will only harm it.

If you want to remove any harmful links from Google’s index for a better user experience and higher page rankings on their SERPs (search engine result pages), there is an easy way out: the Disavow Links Tool by Google!


If you’re going to get a link from another site, it’s best if that website already has high Page Rank. This is because Google uses the Page Rank of any given site as part of their algorithm for determining how good your own site might be.

Make sure to join as many relevant forums on topics related to what you do and start posting about your company with links back to your website in order to build up this page rank. You can also answer questions on these sites, but don’t forget promoting yourself!

Remember, people are much more likely to click through on an article or post simply because they know they’ll find some useful information there than just clicking blindly into the unknown when they see a random advertisement online somewhere else.