5 Basic Steps How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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how to make money blogging

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How to make money blogging for beginners? It’s the initial same question in my mind that I typed on the search engine when I started this online business for the first time. If you read this post of mine I believe you feel the same as I did. Blogging will provide you with an excellent opportunity to share your views as well as interest in any particular niche. In fact, it is likewise a fantastic tool for generating revenues on the internet.

5 Basic Steps on How to Make Money Blogging

Many individuals have the wrong notion that it is not possible to earn money from blogging. However, it is not the case and there are many bloggers at present who are successfully making a substantial amount of money from blogging. In the following paragraphs, I will provide some guidelines on how to make money blogging.

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1. Niche Selection

This happens to be the most significant step to consider in case you are looking to generate income from blogging. However, refrain from simply jumping into just any topic given that a number of other individuals might already be in that particular topic; instead, it is imperative to give some thought to the niche you would like to start with.

It is likewise crucial to ensure that you have an interest in the topic that you pick. One more excellent thing to do would be to make sure that you pick a highly lucrative topic which you can find by making adequate research prior in advance.

2. Keywords Research

Focusing on SEO is yet another excellent method to obtain top quality targeted traffic to your blog page. When you start blogging it is extremely important to analyze your keywords properly so as to understand just how much traffic plus competitors you have before starting.

You can now pick a keyword rich domain name once you have the proper and highly rewarding keyword of your choice. For instance, if you wish to focus on the keyword “pet training” you might choose “pettraining.com” as the domain name. Make it a point to select only the keyword rich domains as this will make it simpler for you to get good ranking in the search engine listings.

3. Content Creation and Distribution

content creation and distribution

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Never take your content material lightly because it happens to be the basic platform of your blog. Try to write useful as well as top quality articles which will help you to obtain an increasing number of backlinks in addition to readers thus resulting in more permanent traffic.

Also, update your blog on a regular basis while writing and do not simply write review posts every now and then since this is going to lessen the number of visitors by making them feel uninterested.

4. SEO for Your Blog

After performing the previously mentioned 3 steps the subsequent step will be to start getting more backlinks to the blog. You can obtain backlinks to the blog in several ways and a few of the best methods would be by guest posting, writing comments on other blogs, carrying out article marketing, performing forum posting, and also by posting your blog to the top directories.

It is also vital to optimize the blog for the top search engines by performing some SEO. You may optimize the blog for search engine listings by optimizing the on-page SEO that involves making sure that you include appropriate keywords in the blog post as well as in the blog title.

5. Monetizing Strategy

This step is extremely vital when it comes to generating cash! After selecting the appropriate domain name and doing some SEO for the blog, the subsequent step would be to begin monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, you will find a lot of affiliate marketing websites on the web to begin with.

You can go on creating backlinks and performing some SEO for the blog after signing up with your preferred affiliate networks. Also, it is crucial to pick the proper product for promoting and this should make it very simple for you to earn money on the web.


How to make money blogging for beginners is not a child’s play after all. You must be sensible regarding the products you select for promotion. Invest a considerable amount of time for generating highly targeted faithful visitors for your blog who will help you to make money eventually. And, above all, it is imperative to work hard on advertising and also revealing your blog to the maximum number of prospective readers.