7 Keys To Unlocking Facebook Ads For Your Affiliate Marketing

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With over 500 million energetic users around the world, Facebook has actually been sought after by lots of affiliate marketers as well as local business owners. It is an outstanding tool to connect with clients or consumers and provide their online businesses or services great chances to expand.

They use Facebook advertisements either to boost their existing business status or to drive more highly profitable traffic to their affiliate websites, where they can earn on a commission basis. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ve probably heard that social media advertisements (such as those run through Facebook) are the future of advertising and marketing.

7 Keys of Effective Facebook Ads

If you’re wondering what this implies for you and your affiliate marketing business today and you’re considering of Facebook advertisements as a practical choice but aren’t sure just how to deal with it, below are 7 keys you need to understand for reliable Facebook advertising and marketing.

1. Enhance the relevancy of your Facebook advertisements.

You’ve probably already seen a Facebook advertisement pop up showing one of your FB friends already connected to that page. Did you feel much more attracted to the advertisement than you would have been if you didn’t see any one of your connections? The fact is, Facebook truly understands what peer pressure is all about, therefore when users realize that any one of their close friends is connected to a particular page, they will most probably do the same.

2. Make your advertisement conversational.

In order to optimize of your social advertisements, create an advertisement copy using a conversational tone. After all, this is a social networking site and people should feel comfortable when they see your advertisements. Of course, it should also be engaging enough to attract them to your offer. With the right technique, you can have lots of great chances awaiting for you in Facebook.

3. Create fascinating and engaging headlines.

As in any other online marketing campaign, your advertisement headlines or titles need to be fascinating enough for individuals to read and engaging enough for them to click through. One excellent way of knowing which title will work for your advertisement is to try out various titles. Check out which of them will give the best returns, and then stay with it.

4. Advertise only high quality products or services.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, make sure that you only promote great products or services so as not to lose the trust of those people who signed up for your fan page. If you’re endorsing low quality products or services, you could lose your reputation with your fans, and this is bad for your affiliate marketing business.

5. Analyze your advertisement placements.

Analyze the pages where you get the most number of click through for your advertisements, and you’ll have a pretty good view of where to direct advertisement placements. This will certainly enhance your targeting of prospect clients or customers and therefore, optimize your advertisements.

6. Include pictures or videos on your fan page.

Facebook is popular since it gives users endless opportunities to see stunning photos and watch wonderful videos. Use this to your benefit by including videos or photos on your fan page. If you can direct your target niche from your social advertisement to your fan page, and you can show them fascinating pictures or videos, there’s a fantastic opportunity of your fan page going viral. This will certainly optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns.

7. Be unique and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

All of us want something new and unique. Therefore, producing something unique both for your Facebook advertisement and your fan page can be a sure way of drawing in even more clients or customers. This could be challenging, however with the right amount of research and testing, you can produce something that will certainly get the most number of clicks in Facebook.


If you’re ready to run your Facebook advertising and marketing strategy, adhere to these 7 keys and see your affiliate marketing business expands quickly. I have free video series for you that will teach you how to exploit Facebook’s ads system for cheap traffic, laser targeted leads, and more online earnings in your affiliate marketing business. Simply get your free instant access through the following form below.